Activity Schedule

Day of Surgery

  • The day of surgery should be a day of rest. Always be careful about activities where the eye may be poked, rubbed or touched. This includes inserting your eye drops.
  • Always avoid rubbing eyes, for lubrication remember to use your lubricating drops.
  • Avoid staring without lubricating the eyes.
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours after surgery.

24 Hours After Surgery

  • Bathe in the morning after surgery. Avoid any soap or water in the eyes.
  • Limit yourself to light activities and work

48 Hours After Surgery

  • Shower, however we do suggest bathing. Avoid any soap or water in the eyes.
  • Reading and watching TV is acceptable as long as eye lubrication is maintained.

Day 4

  • Exercise that does not involve risk to the eyes (e.g. Treadmill, StairMaster, Stationary bike etc.)
  • Computer work may be resumed. Lubrication is very important.
  • Remain cautious of activities where there is a risk to your eyes.

For Any Problems or Concerns:

Call the Alberta Retina Consultants Office +1 (780) 448-1801, someone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you have any questions or concerns.