Eye Drops

During your visit, a technician, may administer eye drops into your eye. These drops are used to help assess the pressure in your eye as well as dilate your pupils to give the doctor better visualization of your retina.

If you are looking for instructions on how to apply your own eye drops at home please click HERE.

Commonly Used Eye Drops

Brand Name Generic Name Typical Uses
Patanol Olopatadine hydrochloride PRN,BID,TID
Zatidor Ketotifen fumarate PRN,BID,TID
Tobradex Tobramycin dexamethasone QID, post-op, steroidal, can be used instead of Vigamox
Vigamox Moxifloxacin hydrochloride QID, 1 week after IVA, pre- and post-cataract removal
Zymar Gatifloxacin QID or more, pre- and post-cataract removal
Acular Ketorolac tromethamine QID, non-steroidal for pt at risk of high IOP
Maxidex Dexamethasone QID, corticosteroid, may be an ointment, reduces redness and swelling
Prednisolone Prednisolone acetate Dosage varies with pt, reduces swelling from inflammation
Voltaren Diclofenac sodium QID, steroidal, used pre- and post sx
Nevanac Nepafenac TID, reduces swelling
Cyclogel Cyclopentolate hydrochloride For ROP to 12 yrs old
Diophenyl-T Tropicamide & Phenylephrine hydrochloride 12+ yrs, Combination of mydfrin and mydriacyl
Mydriacyl Tropicamide Safe to use during pregnancy
Isopto- Homatropine Homatropine hydrobromide QD, given to pt post-sx/trauma to dilate
Alcaine Proparacaine hydrochloride Used to take eye pressure, injection and laser prep
Tetracaine Tetracaine hydrochloride 1 dose vial, used for pt with allergy to Alcaine, injection prep
Xylocaine Lidocaine hydrochloride Local anesthetic used during injection prep
Pediatric dilation
Minims Cyclopentolate Cyclopentolate hydrochloride 2 drops, 5 mins apart
Minims Phenylephrine Phenylephrine hydrochloride 2 drops, 5 mins apart
Pressure control
Alphagan Brimonidine tartrate BID
Azopt Brinzolamide BID
Combigan Brimonidine tartrate & Timolol maleate BID, combo of Alphagan and Timoptic
Duotrav Travaprost & Timolol maleate BID, combo of Trusopt and Timoptic
Lumigan Bimatoprost QHS, causes lashes to grow
Timoptic Timolol maleate BID
Travatan Z Travaprost QHS
Trusopt Dorzolamide hydrochloride BID
Xalacom Latanoprost &Timolol maleate QHS, combo of Xalatan and Timoptic
Xalatan Latanoprost QHS
Oral pressure control
Diamox Apo-Acetazolomide 250 mg pill, dosage varies

PRN: As needed; QD: once a day; BID: twice a day; TID: three times a day; QID: four time a day; QHS: at bedtime