For Referring Doctors

Thank you for the referral of your patients to Alberta Retina Consultants for Advanced Medical & Surgical Management of Retinal and Vitreous Disease.

We have recently implemented a new referral request process to ensure appropriate triage and scheduling for your patients. We have done this to improve our quality and to aid in our transition to an electronic medical record. Also this change in process is in accordance with the requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta new standard of practice ‘Referral Consultation’ approved by council on September 9, 2016.

Please fully complete this mandatory consultation form and fax to our office for each referral. You can download our fill-able pdf consultation form HERE.

You may also send your usual referral summary letter if helpful.

We will contact the patient to confirm the appointment date and time. We will make 3 attempts to confirm the appointment with the patient. If we cannot confirm the appointment, we will cancel the appointment. Your office can re-submit the referral request after confirming the patient’s availability.

Additional information for patients is also available on the website HERE

The referral guide can be accessed HERE